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  "India's Top Most Company Who Provides RO + UV + UF + Antiscalant with Ph Enhancer"Provides RO + UV + UF + Antiscalant

ORANGE WATER SYSTEMS is a name well known in the arena of manufacturing of water purification and filtration systems with the proud name of ORANGE. With the worlds most advanced R-O (REVERSE OSMOSIS) 7 stages technology. The necessity of which has been felt for a long time. Our range addresses to the needs and requirements of pure water which is free from all type of contaminations and impurities at your Residences, commercials and industrials etc...

Leveraging on years of experience and engineering expertise, we have been able to incorporate the varying needs of Residential as well as Commercial and industrial customers. With the aid of an efficient team, we are able to offer excellent on-site support, answering to every product related query in the most prompt manner. Delivering quality tested water purification and a filtration system along with prompt installation services has enabled us to attain the trust of clients across the country.
It is on the basis of our experience and deep market studies we are able to guide our team to engineer equipment at par with the established industry standards and client expectations. Further, commitment to on-time delivery, accurate and timely services and quality engineered products has helped us secure a contended list of clients across the country
Our motto is to deliver the excellent water filtration system which comes with high quality with low price, We believe that customer satisfaction should be our highest priority ensuring you get the very best from our company. However we have a team of trained people ready to help and advice you at sales and service. Each RO systems has 100% factory tested and sterilized ready, design innovation and quality.
Product Range : We offer a wide spectrum of quality proven water purification and filtration systems manufactured to meet the challenging requirements of residential, commercial as well as industrial establishments. It essentially caters to sectors where there is a growing need of pure, clean and potable water for various applications.
Our Product range includes Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Violet, Ultra Filtration and 7/ 6 / 5 Stages water purifiers, Water Softeners, industrial, Commercial and Residential Models of water purification technology.
Product Benifits :
Effective anti-bacterial filtering system
Easy installation
Easy to clean
Require less maintenance
Safe to operate
Low energy consumption
Compact design
Cost effective
High performance
The internal mechanism of water purification provides you with absolutely purified high quality of water which is capable and comparable with the machine of international standards.
Our Team : We are one such organization, where every employee is put to stringent screening procedure. With the support of the most experienced and skilled workforce, we are able to effectively meet the vast requirements of our quality demanding clients. We ensure to provide our team with regular skills up-gradation sessions to ensure that they acquire the necessary knowledge about the latest techniques and developments in the field of water purifying and filtration equipment.